Aggregated Achievement Data

Sura College’s mission is to empower students through innovative, high-quality, and flexible distance education to become highly competent and effective practitioners and lifelong learners. Sura College was established in July 2020 with the objective to provide graduate nursing students an affordable, high-quality, flexible, and convenient way to earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree with a Nurse Educator specialty. The College reflects the teaching philosophy established by its Founder and President, Dr. Habeeb Rahman, across more than 30 years of practice. Adult learning theory and constructivism guide the academic environment at Sura College. 

Sura College measures student achievement by monitoring retention and graduation rates. 

Aggregated Institutional Data on Student Achievement

2023 Graduation Rates and 1-Year Retention Rates for Graduating Cohort 

New students in cohort (Spring 2021): 3 

Continued studies after 1 year: 3 

1yr retention rate: 100% 

Total graduates: 3 

Graduation rate: 100% 


There are no required licensure or certification requirements beyond the RN license to practice as a Nurse Educator.