Tuition & Fees Effective 08/28/2023

Please, note that tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the college. Textbooks and other study materials and costs associated with clinical practice experiences/practicum that are required for course completion are not included in the tuition (see additional costs for program completion below).

Tuition 32 semester credits @ $391.87 per credit$12,540.00
Term Registration ($75.00 per semester, nonrefundable x 4)$300.00
Graduation Fee (Charged in the last semester)$75.00
TOTAL TUITION and FEES$12,915.00

Additional Costs for Program Completion

The total costs to complete the program may include the costs of purchasing a laptop computer and access to the internet (estimated to be $850.00) and will include required books and supplies (estimated to be $225 per semester; $900.00 total). These costs are not paid to the college but are the student’s responsibility to acquire for participation in the program.

In addition, students must comply with all requirements of the organization where the practicum is completed. Students may incur additional costs to meet organizational requirements (ex. background check, drug screening, physical examination, vaccinations, etc.).These requirements may include (but are not limited to) a criminal background check, drug screening, active and unencumbered license verification, health screenings or physical examination, vaccinations, and professional liability insurance. These requirements must be met prior to registering for a practicum course and the cost involved will vary based on the organizational requirements, whether the student has healthcare insurance and what the insurance pays for, vendors chosen, etc). 

Tuition and Fee Charges and Payment Options

Tuition and fees for each course must be paid in full prior to the course start date. Each 15-week semester has two start dates: Block A courses and Block B courses. Courses are 7 1/2 weeks long. Students whose tuition has not been paid in full will not be allowed to begin the course.

Sura College will accept payments by cash, check, credit card, money order or bank transfer.

Other Fees

A $50 fee is charged for returned/denied payment or insufficient funds fee. Official Transcripts may be requested for a fee of $5.00 for electronic transcripts and $15 for paper transcripts. Graduates are provided one official transcript and a diploma at no cost at the time of graduation. There is a $25.00 charge for a duplicate or replacement diploma.

Alumni may request transcripts here.

There are no fees charged for student authentication, proctoring, technology access, transfer credit evaluations or library services.

Course Repeat

In the event a student withdraws from or fails a course, the student is required to retake the course and pay the current cost per credit at the time the course repeat is completed. The College does not guarantee that all courses will be offered each semester and there could be a gap between withdrawing from or failing a course and the course begin offered again.

Financial Assistance

No financial assistance is available. Any tuition reductions, discounts, educational loans, tuition scholarships and financing options that may be available to students in the future will be officially announced and included in the catalog.

NOTE:  Sura College is not an eligible institution for participation in the Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs and cannot process a request or assist with a deferment of a Title IV school loan repayment. Learn more here.