Tuition & Fees Effective

For Students Admitted During or After Fall 2023

The total program cost summary is outlined below with explanation of costs and if costs are non-refundable.

Total Estimated Costs for the Program:

Total Estimated Costs for the Program:
Application Fee$75.00
Total Online Program Costs$14,365.00
Practicum Registration Fee$200.00
Residential Practicum Costs$1,250.00
Total Residential Practicum Costs$1,450.00
Total Program Costs$15,815.00


SemesterTermSemester CreditsTuitionOther FeesEstimated Book CostsTotal
Semester 1Term A2$783.90$75.00*$56.25$915.15
Semester 1Term B6$2,351.22$0.00$168.75$2,519.97
Semester 1Total8$3,135.12$75.00$225.00$3,435.12
Semester 2Term A6$2,351.22$0.00$150.00$2,501.22
Semester 2Term B3$1,175.61$0.00$75.00$1,250.61
Semester 2Total9$3,526.83$0.00$225.00$3,751.83
Semester 3Term A6$2,351.22$0.00$150.00$2,501.22
Semester 3Term B3$1,175.61$0.00$75.00$1,250.61
Semester 3Total9$3,526.83$0.00$225.00$3,751.83
Semester 4 Residential****Term A3$1,175.61$200.00**$112.50$1,488.11
Semester 4 Residential****Term B3$1,175.61$0.00$112.50$1,288.11
Semester 4Total6$2,351.22$200.00$225.00$2,776.22
Online Program Totals:32$12,540.00$275.00$900.00$13,715.00

* A $75.00 nonrefundable Application Fee is charged in the first term.
** A $200.00 Practicum Registration Fee is charged in Term A of Semester 4.
*** Required books and supplies (Estimated at $225.00 per semester) $900.00.
**** Semester 4 includes nonrefundable costs associated with residential training as described below.

Additional Costs for Program Completion

The total estimated additional costs for the online portion of the program include:

RequirementsEstimated Costs
Costs of purchasing a laptop computer and access to the internet$850.00

Residential Practicum Training

The total estimated additional nonrefundable costs for the residential portion of the program include:

RequirementsEstimated Costs
A criminal background check$75.00
Active and unencumbered license verifications$30.00
Immunization records$0.00
Professional liability insurance$120.00
Drug screening$50.00
Physical examination co-pay$50.00
Medical malpractice insurance$75.00
Total Estimated Additional Costs for Residency Program Completion$1,250.00

It is a requirement that nursing students carry their own medical malpractice insurance while enrolled in practicum courses. At least two terms prior to the start of the clinical components, students will be required to demonstrate proof of having an active individual medical malpractice certificate.

These estimated additional costs for program completion are not paid to Sura but are the students’ responsibility for participation in the program. Refunds of fees paid to parties other than Sura are subject to the refund policy of that organization.

Other Fees

A $50.00 fee is charged for the returned/denied payment or insufficient funds. Graduates are provided an official transcript and a diploma at no cost at the time of graduation. Additional official transcripts may be requested for a fee of $5.00 for electronic transcripts and $15.00 for paper transcripts. There is a $25.00 charge for a duplicate or replacement diploma.

Tuition and Fee Charges and Payment Options

The tuition and fees for the credits to be attended each term (a semester consists of two terms, term A and B, each 7 ½ weeks in length). Tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the student starting the term. Sura College will accept payments by check, credit card, debit card or bank transfer. These fees are non-refundable after the 5-day cancellation period.

Students whose tuition for the term has not been paid in full will be withdrawn 7 days after the term start date, unless, due to extenuating circumstances, the student files an appeal to the Campus Director prior to the term start date, and the President approves the student’s appeal for continued enrollment. Appeals of this nature are extremely rare, require substantiating documentation as to why the student, due to no fault of their own, is unable to pay the tuition and fees due for the term, and provides evidence as to when payment for the term will be made.

Course Retakes

In the event a student fails a course, the student is required to retake the course and pay the cost per credit, as specified in the students’ enrollment agreement, in the semester and term the course retake is scheduled.

Financial Assistance

No financial assistance is available at Sura. Any potential loans, payment plans, discounts, or scholarships available to students will be disclosed in the catalog.

Sura is not an eligible institution for participation in the Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs and cannot process a request or assist with a deferment of a Title IV school loan request.